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    About this Forum!

    Post  Admin on Thu Jun 04, 2009 9:42 pm

    Hey everyone! Thanks for dropping by, I'm here to talk about this new forum! After days of hard work, I finally managed to get this forum up and running! First thing is first, PLEASE JOIN OUR COMMUNITY! I'm not trying to force you guys to join, but by joining this forum, I'll now that there are really people who love coming to my site, which means, I'll be able to add more anime series! It's a win, win situation Smile . And hey, joining this forum will be like the best thing you have ever done!

    Now, just to give you an insight of what this forum is about. First of all, I'll be adding none anime related movies each week! To be more specific, movies that are brand new!
    If you go to the homepage of this forum and scroll down, you'll see a link that says "Join the Chat". By clicking on that, a pop up chat box will appear where you'll be able to chat with other lovely anime fans!
    This is also a great, and I mean a GREAT place to report any broken videos or request any english dubbed anime series of your choice! If there is a video that's not working, reporting it here, by making a post in the right section of the forum, the video will be fixed much faster, and I mean much FASTER then using the "Video Not Working?" link above each video. And as far as for requesting dubbed anime series, this is the ONLY place you can do that. If you send me a message requesting an anime series using the contact forum on the site, I will ignore your message.
    Oh yeah, since this is a forum, you guys will be able to PM each other and all that good crap that comes with a forum!

    Please refrain from posting spoilers, posting stuff on the wrong section of the forum, or any of that crap. No spamming allowed what's so ever in doing so, I'll ban you ass!

    So yeah, check around the forum to get use to it, and COME, JOIN US!

    ps: sorry if I made any grammar or spelling mistakes, I wrote this message in less than 2 minutes.

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